San Jose might be the tech capital of Silicon Valley. But that is not the only thing going for this Bay Area city. Owing to its diverse population, San Jose is filled with cuisines from around the world. You can find inexpensive, mouth water delicacies from Mexico, Japan, India, China, Korea and other exotic locales.

 If you prefer the fancy restaurants with table clothes and the likes, head over from Peninsula towards the city. But if you are content with inexpensive eats and a happy tummy, here are a few places to try.

  1. Kabab & Curry

If you have the palate for spices and a strong tummy, head over to Kabab & Curry for some delicious Indian and Pakistani food. Tandoor food like Chicken, roti, biryanis and mouth-watering curries and their aroma will get you hooked. It is best to be a bit early as there is always a line to get in by the evening. For the best experience, dine in the restaurant than ordering a takeout.

  1. Dishdash

If you prefer middle eastern food, we recommend Dishdash. Try their famous Shawarma, Mediterranean meats and Falafel. If you prefer to take out, head over to their special counter Dish n Dash in Sunnyvale. If you have ever tried Sambusak, you will know what it is to have a taste of Lebanese food. Getting a seat at lunch is easy but dinner crowd is usually heavy. So you may have to wait.

  1. Jang Su Jang

Jang Su Jang is a favourite among Korean food lovers due to their authentic taste. You can experience most dishes with tofu or meat. But that is not all, they have a massive selection of menu items based on shrimp, oysters and other seafood. If you have a delicate stomach, ask them to make the food less spicy.

  1. Santouka Ramen

If you love Japanese food, head over to the Mitsuwa Japanese Foodcourt. Our favourite here is the Santouka Ramen and their amazing Shio broth with shaved fish with rice. Their menu choice is big and includes all-time favourite items like lychee desserts, tiramisu, etc. A word of advice, go with an empty stomach so you can experience a lot of different options.

  1. Orenchi Ramen

The last on our list is the most sought-after ramen place in the entire Bay Area. Be there by 11 AM and the service starts at 1130. If you are late, it will take at least an hour to get the seat. Once you get in, you will know why this place is so famous.

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