San Jose is an ideal place for your next trip because there are so many interesting things to do in the city. Adventure, art or mystery, there is something for everyone one in the Surf City, USA.

If you love to surf, Santa Cruz or the unofficial ‘Surf City’ is only 30 minutes away from San Jose. You can either bring your own surfboard or rent one from a local surf shop life Ohana Board Shop or Surf School Santa Cruz and you are ready to go. If you don’t know how to surf, you can even hire instructors by the hour to give you lessons.

 If surfing is too much work, you can relax by the beach and sunbathe. If you like to watch whales, there is a nice place called the Gray Whale Cove. Drive down to the Devil’s Slide beach, about 56 miles north of San Jose and walk down the trail. The walk by itself is an adventure because of the steep trail. You can see these majestic whales feeding just a bit away from the shore.

For people who love technology, the Tech Museum is a must visit. You can ‘build your own robot’ or see cool cyber security devices, and other geeky gadgets that are guaranteed to be fun and inspirational. The Tech Museum is next to the historic Montgomery Theater, which is another great place to visit.

If you love a spooky adventure, head down to the Winchester Mystery House. This mansion once belonged to a wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, who dabbled in the occult. There are specific rooms built to contact the dead. Many visitors report of a ghostly presence. The bars of Santana Row are close by if you need a shot of liquid courage before you enter the haunted house.

If you are in the downtown area and loved watching Indiana Jones, check out the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Originally founded by the Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, as a way to gain more spiritual power, these Egyptian artefacts are a feast to those who love history. Did you ever wonder how to make a Mummy or why the Egyptians worship cats? Head over to the Egyptian Museum to find out why.

Santana Row is a must visit for those who love shopping. This upscale commercial district is filled with brand shops, local boutiques, a lot of restaurants, spas, salons and even a theater. Reserve a day for this area and remember to check out the Winchester Mystery House.

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